The Agency

by Walker Banerd

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released December 1, 2010

All songs written and performed by Walker Banerd, with Ben Kelly (drums: tracks 1-6), Jesse Waldman (electric guitar: tracks 3,4, and 6. acoustic guitar: track 2), Michelle Faerhmann (cello: track 4).

Tracks 1-6 produced by Jesse Waldman and Walker Banerd. Engineered by Jesse Waldman.
Tracks 7-8 produced and engineered by Jesse Gander.



all rights reserved


Walker Banerd Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Adventureland
Verse 1:
Years from now we’ll realize that these were the best years of our lives/
But for now all I can think about is how my dreams just went and fizzled out/
And left me stuck here with all of you/

Everybody here is crazy, damaged goods, or just plain lazy/
Slumming it is all they can do/

But I’m just passing through/x3/
What’s your excuse?/

Verse 2:
And if he’s so cool, how come he never plays his guitar/
He just carries it around like he can’t put it down/
But I don’t even think he can play at all/
And if he’s so cool, how come he’ll still be stuck here with you after I’m gone/


Verse 3:
Well here we are in purgatory/
We all gotta do time here I suppose/
And maybe I don’t know your story/
Maybe I just judged you by the writing on your clothes/
But it’s clear to me how I got stuck in this town/
So I never bothered to ask the same of you/

And I thought I was finished growing up/
But if I’m so smart how come I’m no different than/
The ones who never bothered to start/ (you know that)

I’m just passing through/x3/
Probably just the same as you/
I’m just passing through/x3/
Probably just the same as you/
Track Name: The Agency
Verse 1:
Being in jail was cool, ‘cause it was just like high school/
You know who you are, and there are well-defined rules/
Life on the outside just never worked for me/
I don’t like my new job here at the agency/

I don’t want responsibility, don’t want no one to yell at me/
I’d rather be in my cell, with the way things used to be/
And I could keep it clean, just don’t make me work for the team/
‘Cause I’m just trying to keep my own head above/

I don’t like the agency/x3/

Verse 2:
People at the agency can’t deal with my complacency/
So I told them, “you better be replacing me”/
‘Cause I have no ambition beyond the middle ground/
But that’s when they told me about the countless people I’ll let down/


And I’ve got lots of practice living for myself/
But everything I do in this place always/
Winds up affecting someone else/

Track Name: O Celina
Verse 1:
I was gonna change the world today but it was raining out the/
Revolution will just have to go ahead without me/
God called my name on judgment day/
But I missed the trip to heaven ‘cause I slept in too late/ (but)

O Celina/
You know I’m trying/
You’ll just have to give me time/
O Celina/
It’s all for you/
I wanna be what you expect me to/

Verse 2:
To never wander is to always wonder what might have been under the/
Surface of that thing you barely scratched/
She might not like the way I’m stumbling and mumbling but/
Celina still says I’m quite a catch/


And everybody wishes they were more like you/
But the rest of us must fumble through the darkness while you glide on through/

Track Name: All You Do
Verse 1:
You thought you’d let yourself fall/
To avoid all the pain of being let down/
And you thought that you’d never take a risk at all/
To avoid all the pain of being proven wrong/

So tell me what you’ll do on the weekend/x2/ you already know ‘cause all you do is sleep alone/

Verse 2:
You thought you had it all figured out/
Even if you didn’t live by what you’d say/
But I think that you’re wallowing in fanciful creations that just are not true/
May seem odd when I’d ask of you/


Verse 3:
I went to my brother’s house/
I’m just trying to figure him out/
He said “little brother I’ve got some years on you/
So I’ll let you in on something I’ve thought carefully through/

Even when I love someone I just can’t let it be/
For when I truly love someone I can’t bear to see them waste their time with me”/

Verse 4:
But I think that you paint yourself the martyr/
Only because being vulnerable is even harder/

Track Name: Two Days Ago vs. Yesterday vs. Today
Verse 1:
Rapid heartbeat postponed my sleep/
So I know it was a good day, it was a good day/
Today felt like two days ago/
But I can’t deny/
Yesterday was me also/

Verse 2:
Rapid heartbeat propelled my feet/
So I know that I’m on way, that I’m on my way/
But that was two days ago/
And I can’t deny/
I wish it didn’t come and go/

Verse 3:
Rapid heartbeat, bitter and weak/
I’d like to know that that is not me, that that is not me/

‘Cause yesterday looked at two days ago/
and said “you cocky prick you think you know/
it all, but I hate your arrogance/
your air of misplaced confidence”/

Verse 3 continued:
But I can’t deny/
Not sure which way I’ll go tomorrow/
Track Name: Stand By You
Verse 1:
We left a trail of bodies/
Tracing spirals ‘round each other/
I’d waste my time chasing your friends around/
While you toyed with my brothers/
And I don’t know how we ended up like this/
No time to swallow my pride ‘cause I’m too busy trying to make you jealous/

But instead of all this/
Spinning and lying/
Running and crying/
How about I just stand by you/

How about I stand by you/x4/

Verse 2:
We both think: “I’ll blink if you do”/
Till then we’ll just circle/
Telling ourselves that it’s out of our control/
But we both see right through/

‘Cause it’s so simple/
Just let me stand by you/


But it’s so simple/
Just let me/
Just let me/
Just let me stand by you/

Track Name: When We Were Naïve
Verse 1:
You and I, we want to live like fiction/ and never have to worry about compromise/

We used to have ideals, that were real, and now they have been broken/ just something that is spoken of once in a while/

Love and strategy should never share a sentence because a sentence is all that becomes/ and I can’t stand by/ I can’t stand by/ I can’t stand by/ I can’t stand it all (because)/

I thought that all I’d ever need is my resolve/ Have patience and the grey it will dissolve/ Bring winter all the colours of the fall/

Verse 2:
We look the other way, so we can say that this is what we wanted/ and not be haunted by the dreams of when we were naïve/


Extended chorus:
I thought that all I’d ever need is my resolve/ Have patience and the grey it will dissolve/ Bring winter all the colours of the fall/
And every time the seasons change I hear you say/ that you’re willing to throw it all away/ If it gets you through another day/ Nothing works out like we plan it anyway/
Track Name: Writer's Block
Verse 1:
Started working on my memoirs, psychological neo-noir, accompanied by foreign choirs and such/
But with each increasing age, there’s more often a blank page. I guess at this stage I’m out of touch/

(So I wrote) I can’t see my hand in front of my face, it’s too dark for that now/
And I can’t hear myself think in this place, oh it’s just too loud/

Verse 2:
Had a rational thought today. Oh but what I wouldn’t pay to have one of those more than once a month/
One good thing about feeling crazy: lots of things get kind of hazy, but those lucid moments pack a punch/
I called myself up today, saw my own name on call display, decided that I wouldn’t pick it up/
Left myself a lengthy message, hope one of these days I get it. I guess until then I’m out of luck/


Verse 3:
Started walking in my sleep, but I know time isn’t cheap. Decided I would make it more worthwhile/
Put a treadmill by my bed, so I can walk on it instead. It’s so efficient that it makes me smile/


It’s been a while now since I broke my mirror/
It must be at least a couple of years/
This writer’s block I just can’t shake it, so I guess I’ll have to fake it/
That’ll have to do for now/

Chorus x2.